Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Paytm updates|cricket score live

Cricket is no. 1 game of our country. It is also a religion of our country. Now the IPL has become an emotion of our Country people. IPL is the no. 6  sports leauge in whole world and no. 1 of our country. So fans from all around the world keeps an eye on IPL. IPL is full of Entertainment. People from all corners of the country have become IPL addicte. Popularity of Paytm is increasing numerously through out our country. To increase the interest of its users Paytm has launched are new feature through which its users will be abel to go through live IPL score. Not only IPL scores the feature also includes the advantage of going through many other international and domestic matches.  
Live score updates are available only through the Android app for now, and will soon be made available through the iOS as well.                                                                                                                                                      
Paytm also have facilities for buying IPL match tickets with attractive cashback.Furthermore, every existing paytm user also stands a chance to win IPL 2018 tickets, through various contest that will run during this season.

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