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How to reduce pot belly in a week

How to reduce pot belly in a week
How to reduce pot belly in a week

How to reduce pot belly in a week

Reduce your potbellies in a week.And get a nicelooking fatless belly. Potbellies is no doubt a concern of disliking for all, Persons with potbellies cannot afford with all sorts of dresses and look ugly with it. And have to face many sorts of problems and uneasiness.
To keep weight under control in our busy life has been a headache,and discontrol of weight leads to potbellies.
Here are five wayouts  which may hlep you get a nice and fatless belly.
1.Eat Slowly:                                                                                                                 
Eat slowly
The signal of the feeling of eating reaches our brain after twenty minutes though we take our meals , whatever it may be, in five or Ten minutes, which results into much eating and gaining high calories. And, so eating slow is ideal for controlling body weight. This slow eating helps us chew the food grains to digest.                         
2. Exercise in Empty Stomach :Exercise in morning in empty stomach is very much hlepful for reducing extra fat. One gets one's stomach empty after rising from bed at morning and exercise during the morning hours demand heavy energy which is available from the extra fat in the body and fat gets lost quick during the exercise. So heavy exercise in empty stomach is essential.                             
3. Avoid sweet and salty Food Sugar and salt are two major ingredients for supply of fat to our body and increase the calorie level in our body. Avoiding these to ingredients is important for decreasing calorie level.                                                                                                                                         
4.Drinks Water
Drink water 
Water is another helpful ingredient for low level fat in body. One should therefore take two or three liters of water a day.
Remember that one should take water before twenty minutes and after one hour of meals. Meals with water take much time to digest.                                                                                                                       
5.Never stay Hungry :
                                     This step is very much important not to gain extra fat in body.Know the step: Try to have meals every Four hours, which will not leave you hungry. Do not get too much hungry for you may gobble much and will gain much calorie. Get your breakfast healthy, the launch light and the dinner lighter. At the intervals get protein based foods every Four hours, which may get your fat level to a lower extent.
These are the Five Steps for your nice- looking, charming and fatless potbellies nearly in a week.

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