Monday, 9 August 2021

Sucess behind Neeraj Chopra

 Sucess behind Neeraj Chopra

Recognize this gentleman in the white picture above? Just think! Saturday when the golden son Neeraj Chopra. Throwing a 87.58 meter javelin, the gentleman wearing a mask on his face floated in memory romance. The name of this gentleman in the picture is Uwe Hohn. The current coach of Neeraj Chopra.
Neeraj Chopra with his coach

Uwe Hohn, the only person in human history to climb the 100-meter boundary in Javelin, 104.8 meter after that throw , the Olympics and world athletics officials are in much thought. If someone spreads more in the future, it may take someone else to go to other events simultaneously. After that, some changes were made to Javelin. Javelin's Center of Gravity was moved to the front. As a result, there is no other time in Javelin Can't go that far.
Since then, Uwe Hohn has been the Eternal Record Holder in Javelin. For someone whose record will no longer be possible to break. German player Uwe Hohn could not go to the Olympics in his best time, Because Uwe Hohn, a resident of East Germany, could not play in the 1974 Summer Olympics. Since East Germany boycotted the service Olympics. Today, his student Neeraj Chopra, who is not a Yuri, is saddened by the fact that he also sat in the gallery and saw the moment with emotional eyes.

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